EuroMillions: The winner of 220 million has validated his ticket in France

New record! After the first draw without a top-ranked winner, Tuesday, €220 million was won at stake at EuroMillions on Friday night. Nothing is known about the winner’s identity, except for the fact that he validated his ticket at a French point of sale or on the FDJ website. “The FDJ is delighted that this gain has been achieved in France,” our lands lottery organizer enthuses. The biggest lottery winner in France, with 20 million more than his predecessor. This amount is an absolute record on European soil. The previous continental record, 210 million, dates back to February 26, 2021 and found a recipient in Switzerland.

FDJ predicted 4 to 6 million bets on this lottery. In Europe, nearly 60 million tickets have been validated, according to estimates provided by To tame chance and beat a single probability of 139.838.160, the very lucky Frenchman checked the five correct numbers: 21, 26, 31, 34, 49, as well as stars 2 and 5. The lottery was made at approximately 9:05 p.m. at the Boulogne studios. Belancourt.

Unlike the Loto lottery, FDJ and EuroMillions do not initially indicate which region the ticket has been validated, or whether it is registered online. (As did the €200 million winner). Just do we know that thanks to this grand prize, the 113th win in the country, France has become the second country where the most jackpots have been verified and follows the UK (114 big winners). Some more information should leak out in a few weeks, because the winner has 60 days to identify themselves. It will then be taken care of by the Big Winners Service to manage a new life with virtually unlimited credits.

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€500,000 interest per month without compromising the capital

With €220m, the new croesus could buy 1.8 tons of premium Beluga caviar, 700,000 electric scooters, dinner every night at Guy Savoy for over 1,000 years or maybe even recruit PSG Neymar, subject to negotiation (This product was purchased 222 million euros in Barcelona). From another angle, the jackpot invested at a rate of 3% makes it possible to collect 550 thousand euros in interest every month without touching the capital.

Thus, it will take less than a year for the luckiest Frenchman in lottery history to be defeated, on December 11, 2021. In an interview with our newspaper, this retired executive from the south of France gave an idea of ​​the new life that awaits his successor, halfway between small pleasures and new problems Which to manage: “My daily life is the same. Of course, I have new obligations, and I have to deal with a lot of things. At first, it’s wonderful (…). I have taken care to protect my loved ones from want. (…) I also did some work in my house and bought an apartment in Paris so that we can enjoy the city whenever we want.(…) Thanks to this gain, I can help those who need it. This is my main happiness!(…) I have made many adventures in France (and) for faraway destinations, I’m still waiting a bit but I really want to travel.”

While waiting to reach 230 million euros soon, then one day 250 million euros, the jackpot will be reset to zero, or at least to 17 million euros for the draw on Tuesday. These extremely high amounts are still far from those holding the largest bets in history, recorded in the United States. There, a South Carolina winner waited 5 months, in 2018, to claim $1.5 billion (€1.3 billion).

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