Bernard Tappey admitted to hospital: His director delivers his message on TPMP

This Thursday, May 27, Philip Hersen, director of Bernard Toby, gave a message to the businessman that he had been admitted to hospital in a “worried” condition.

While his appeal for arbitration is currently in full swing, Bernard Toby was admitted to hospital this Thursday, May 27th. At worst, the 78-year-old businessman was found Concern for new tumors. If he maintains his morale despite this new drastic blow, his relatives will not want to be so reassured about his health. “Anxiety”. Anyway, this is what his son said Laurent, Question PFMTV : “New tumors have appeared. Today, one of his brain is undergoing radiotherapy, two kidneys, abdomen, he has small amounts everywhere. He has chemotherapy, he has chemotherapy. He had surgery. Statistical discrepancies are terrible at this stage.” He said his father would usually be the most fighting “Very tired”.

To turn it off, the former OM boss also looked at himself Refuse to adjourn his trial despite ill health. A decision not to send to his relatives. According to Laurent Toby, these legal conflicts are even at the root of his father’s health problems: “He’s got all the harassment in his mind. We all believe that these are the harassment that caused his cancer.” He lamented.

Philip Herson gives the news about Bernard Toby

A feeling shared Philip Herson, Director of Bernard Toby who came to testify in the set Do not touch my TV This Thursday, May 27. She had the opportunity to deliver a message about Dominic Toby’s husband: “I have a message from Bernard. I got him yesterday morning. It’s true he wasn’t overly excited.” Before joining he said: “I kept it brief, but hey we don’t need to say much to each other.” The former agent of the cast also sees “Not allowed” And “Slander” The trial should not be adjourned according to circumstances. He was even able to talk about it “In short” With Bernard Toby: “What is more important to him now is his health, his struggle for his health, more than his legal struggle.” He reported.

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