Pete Davidson: Will the comedian fly into space soon?

Pete Davidson
Will the comedian go into space soon?

Pete Davidson may soon begin space travel.

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Will American comedian Pete Davidson go into space this year? He is said to be in touch with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Will comedian Pete Davidson (28) travel to space soon? How Among other things, the American magazine “People” reported, 28-year-old Jeff Bezos (58) is said to be on the next flight of the space agency Blue Origin. Accordingly, the comedian is already in talks with the founder of Amazon.

Loud Gossip portal on “Page Six”, “New York Post”, Davidson reportedly saw his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian (41) having dinner with Bezos at the end of January. The 28-year-old and Amazon billionaire is said to be wonderfully accustomed. “Pete is happy,” an insider told the site. Although he has not yet signed the contract, “it looks like it will happen”. We talk about the final details. The trip is scheduled to take place later this year.

An insider told the “people” very cautiously. “It’s just talk,” it says. This is just the beginning, but we’re talking about the topic. A spokesman for the comedian and the space agency have not yet commented on the alleged plans.

These private individuals were in space before Davidson

Pete Davidson will not be the first star to make a short journey into space. In July 2021, British businessman Richard Branson, 71, became the first private person to fly into space through his own space agency, Virgin Galactic. Ten days later, Jeff Bezos went into space. In October 2021, “Star Trek” legend William Shatner (90) flew into space with the Bezos’ Blue Origin. He was followed in December by “Good Morning America” ​​presenter and former American footballer Michael Strahan, 50.


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