Microsoft: An employee in the company makes a fatal mistake by publishing a picture...

After Samsung, it’s Microsoft’s turn to make the pies by posting a tweet highlighting an Apple product.

As a reminder, Samsung’s official Twitter account in the US posted a tweet promoting the presentation event of galaxy s 21 from iPhone. “Twitter for iPhone” is referenced directly below. It should be noted that this was not the first time. This time, netizens enjoyed the official Windows account tweet image.

Last Wednesday, Windows decided to post a tweet that redirects a link with all the tips and tricks to cleaning your Windows PC in the best possible way. The big concern is that the image accompanying the tweet clearly shows a iMac m 1 From Apple that works under MacOs and certainly not under Windows.

An error that made it apparent to those who observed it laughing and those who were logically surprised. Worse still, the tweet ran for two days before it was deleted.

Again, this is good publicity for Apple. This kind of dumpling will never happen to the creator of the iPhone, for the simple reason that they use the products they sell. Instead of announcing mockery of Apple, as happened in January 2021, Microsoft might do a good job checker Tools used on their own premises.

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