Fuel: this weekend win €8 from 30 liters in the tank!

Until tomorrow evening, service stations in France operated by the Auchan chain of stores will allow, for the purchase of fuel, a discount of 8 euros on in-store purchases. Below are the details of the operation and a list of stores that were not affected.

On Friday 4 and Saturday 5 March, Auchan allows you to leave with 8 euro discount When shopping in the brand store, from 50 euros of purchase (ie a 16% reduction). To obtain this maximum reduction (and therefore ideally not to exceed €50 from races), it will be necessary in advance to fill his car’s tank with at least 30 liters of fuel at one of the Auchan service stations in Hexagon participating in the process. The fuel payment receipt must be original When paying for in-store shopping. Offer reserved for private vehicles for one-time refueling of the same vehicle.

Almost all fuels

Note that this discount on in-store purchases excludes some products and themes and is related to fuel Diesel, SP95-E5, SP95-E10, SP98, E85 but not LPGc. This €8 discount on races starts from €30 of fuel purchased, on Friday 4 March and ends on Saturday 5 March. Formed From opening to closing of the participating points. However, not all Auchan service stations are involved in this process: here is a list of cities.

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List of Auchan service stations not participating in the operation

  • ALÈS
  • Aumont-Aubrac
  • Belgard
  • stomach
  • Billy Berklough
  • bruillet
  • Kashan
  • Cantelo
  • Casaux
  • chamrandi
  • Cormeles-en-Parisis
  • dravel
  • eggletons
  • inshim
  • Gulby
  • haguino
  • Hyang
  • jargo
  • lens
  • Ligil
  • locks
  • Marvigoals
  • Morepas
  • Meribo
  • they change
  • Ostwald
  • Paris Duplex
  • Le Plessis Treves
  • Pontomore
  • Saint Bardo-la-Rivière
  • an excuse
  • thivers
  • orange towers
  • Marcel Prado

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