One night in honor, the caveman made a very special offer to Mr. Nebla, which resulted in the cats surrendering with the punishment for which the “King of Guaguanco” is famous: the fog.

Enough medicine applied by a Guadalajara man to end up shaving his opponent in Arena México, at the end of the first party to celebrate CMLL’s 88th Anniversary, where two legends were also honored: Sangre Chicana and Salvador Lutteroth.

El Cavernario eventually declared: “Many things have happened in my personal and professional life, but I have fulfilled what I promised and affirmed that I am the King of Hands.”

Pride of the Caves did not wait for the performances to end and set out in the face of her enemy, who moderated the first attacks and leveled the works on the ground.

It did not take long for the so-called “club king” to regain control of the business, and after leaving on a trip he returned to the charge against his enemy.

Velino, however, put his experience to the fight and was able to gain the support of the esteemed who promoted him with “Velino, Velino” that shook the hall.

A cry extended until the last moment of the duel, when the offender grabbed a member of the Casas Dynasty, who could not stand the pain and begged for mercy from the referee in turn.

“I am fortunate to be here after the epidemic we are going through. After a long time the contract that was already signed has been fulfilled,” Al-Makhzoom said.

With his victory, El Cavernario remains undefeated in this type of fight.

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