Union Berlins Kevin Behrens (links) beim Pokalspiel in Mannheim (imago images/HMB Media)

3: 1 at Waldorf Mannheim

Union Berlin advanced to the round of 16 of the DFB Cup after extra time

imago Images / HMB Media

Audio: Inforadio | 10/27/2021 | Julia Metsner | Image: imago Images / HMB Media

Union beat third division Waldhof Mannheim in the second round of the Berlin DFB Cup just 3-1 (after extra time). The third division was the team that decided most of the game.

The Bundesliga football team Union Berlin has reached the 16th round of the DFB Cup. The team won 3-1 in the third division Waldorf Mannheim. Hosts Alexander Rosibal (4th min) scored – Kevin Behrens (18th and 118th) and Taiwo Avoni (95th) scored for Union. The draw for the round of 16 pairs will take place on Sunday 31st October.

The trend of the game

Awoniyi makes a difference

The picture did not change at the start of the second half of the game. Union did not come under attack and Waldorf ordered the game, but neither side had real goal chances. Berlin coach Fischer reacted and brought in regulars Rani Kedira and Taiwo Avoni in the course of the second half. However, defensive boss Robin Noch was the only real chance to score after a corner by Christopher Trimmel. But Mannheim was only able to destroy the deflected shot. In the second minute of stoppage time, the ball fell not over the line but into the hands of Mannheim goalkeeper John-Christophe Bartels after an attempt by Taiwo Avoni from about five meters.

In the ensuing extension of the match, Avoni quickly made it better and Union won 2-1 in the 95th minute. What a win it was: getting the ball, turning and carrying the ball with you in a fluid motion, followed by a left foot shot from 16 meters. If you are wondering how to say that Union is the first division, you should get your answer in this scenario. In the 118th minute, after Mannheim’s defensive error, Kevin Behrens won 3-1 and was sent straight from the edge of the penalty area.

Short analysis

For the entire duration of the Union game it was very difficult to build the game against early, agile and maneuvering employees. If anything, it’s just like a 1-1 draw from Kevin Behrenz, just before the long, opening pass from defender Robin Nosh. Or a 2-1 lead with a single move like Taiwo Avonii. In return, despite the firm performance of the third division team, the defense was never really in danger, so goalkeeper Frederick Ronno had little to do from the opening goal after a corner kick.

Voices for the game

That’s what the network says

This only works for Kevin Behrens:

To this fan of the city rival, the game was somehow familiar:

The file is known to have its own rules:

Live ticker on rhinos

Broadcast: rbb24, October 27, 2021, 10 p.m.

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