Confused Instagram video: Kleiman sees himself the victim of a conspiracy

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Kleiman considers himself the victim of a conspiracy

Did Finn Kleiman enrich himself with illegal scams in mask deals? The Stade attorney general’s office will try to determine that in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, businessman Jack of All Trades returns with a confused video screaming about a conspiracy against him and his pet enterprise.

Four days after the Stade attorney general’s office began investigations into suspected fraud against Fynn Kliemann, the influencer and entrepreneur spoke out on his Instagram channel. It starts with “So, that’s fine now” Instagram-Story, the tumultuous three and a half minutes in which he and his project “Kliemannsland” model themselves as victims of a media conspiracy and “the vigilant left spectacle”. A few hours before that, “Kliemannsland” – a kind of adventure playground for adults – was Longer video It was deployed, and the staff at its end distanced themselves from Kliemann in order to save the project.

In his Instagram video, Kliemann frantically moves through some sort of workshop, apparently not breathing when he’s talking to the camera. He begins with the role of the media in general in his case. Too many people would ‘get a little mixed up’, and everyone would have crossed it out. Now his whole life is ruined – “ten years of continuous work, everything is broken.” He rejects allegations that he sold masks from Bangladesh under fake posters. He made mistakes, and he saw it. Offer “compensation”.

He then complains that his “Kliemannsland” employees are being held in “kinship custody”. Presumably from the ZDF “Magazine Royale” editorial team, which got the ball rolling at the beginning of May by reporting discrepancies in donations and transactions in the Kliemann company’s network. “I have a feeling the editors think they’re something better,” complains Kliemann. “They can decide how other people live their lives.” “It’s the same nonsense as in the schoolyard at the time, that someone wants to tell you how to have fun. In Kliemannsland you accept the way you are. But there’s one part in the left-awake scene doing that I just can’t accept.”

He feels the plot behind ZDF reports: “You made me big with public money, then I didn’t make a mark, and now I’m supposed to crash with the exact same money.” Kliemanssland’s motto is “Be whoever you want to be,” but that’s exactly what the world can’t accept. They want us to feel ashamed that we don’t stick to their rules. And that we are somewhat different. “

We’re sorry, but he didn’t confess anything

In fact, the allegations against Kliemann are less about how guests and staff are entertained at his DIY playground, and more about whether Kliemann made money under false pretenses. After at least one criminal complaint, investigations are now underway against the businessman. It depends on their findings whether Kleiman should respond in court.

Already three weeks ago Kliemann Comment on the allegations in a video – But without admitting any criminal wrongdoing. Instead, he apologized for errors in his communications and his alleged ignorance of business dealings. The passage at the time seemed well thought out and Clement was calm and uncluttered.

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