Tecate Coordenada GDL 2022

OCESA is responsible for organizing the 2022 Tecate Coordenada GDL Festival.

When the full poster of . is revealed Event Music And the days when it will happen. It remains only to wait to buy tickets.

When will Tecate Coordinate GDL 2022 be held?

Schedule for the weekend of October 7th and 8th so you can enjoy this offer.

The seventh edition of the Tecate Coordenada GDL 2022 will take place in the VFG Valley, in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga.

What difference will you be in this event?

This year’s event poster consists of more than 30 bands.

Attendees will be able to enjoy performances by many artists from different musical genres.

Notable names include: Jack White. Cool Cadillac carsApocalyptica, etc.

The list of confirmed bands for these days is the following:

  • airbag
  • Alison
  • Amandetita
  • Recoditos
  • Prati
  • cannabis
  • Caligaris
  • Camilo VII
  • Carla Morrison
  • Carlos sadness
  • cat energy
  • Quartet of us
  • Lower case division
  • Prince Kusturica and Non-Smoking Orchestra
  • swarm
  • pastry chef
  • Francesca Valenzuela
  • my pocket
  • Hammerskill
  • Jack White
  • Kaya Lana
  • Kenya Os
  • left SM
  • Cool Cadillac cars
  • Lesbian love
  • damn neighborhood
  • Marie Mezcal
  • Modrato
  • Muenya
  • Army out of control
  • Polo and bread
  • Rosalyn
  • Sin Sir
  • poop
  • Technicolor Fabrics
  • Too many Zooz
  • travis
  • thunder
  • UMO
  • Wiplash
  • Wo
  • YSY A.

When does Tecate Coordenada GDL 2022 tickets go on sale?

Those responsible for this event are OCESA . ​​Company.

He confirmed that the exclusive sale to Banamex card holders will take place on June 9 and 10. The system you can buy tickets from is: Ticket Master at the national level.

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After the day (June 11), it will go on sale to the public through Building lockers And the same digital platform.

How much do tickets cost?

The packages that will go on sale include tickets for one or both days, as well as a VIP and a regular class.

These prices were leaked on Ticketmaster:

  • Comfort Pass 2 days Tecate Format 2022 Format / Stage 1: US$2500.00 Stage 2: US$2700.00 Stage 3: US$3000.00.

This ticket includes exclusive festival access corridors, private bathrooms with air conditioning as well as all the benefits of a general ticket, no access to the Vivir es Incredible PLUS area.

  • Year Pass 2 Days Tecate Coordenada 2022 / Phase 1: $1,870.00 Phase 2: $2,150.00 Phase 3: $2,450.00
  • In addition to the two-day Tecate format 2022 / Phase 1: $3200.00, Phase 2: $3500.00, Phase 3: $3800.00.

By comparing this category, you will have access to battery for charging cell phones, gastronomic selection, specialty cocktail bar, raised deck, concierge for personal care, premium restrooms and a pit in front of the stages.

One of the novelties for this year will be the signature area that will be added to humor proposals by comedy housewhich will present Alex Quiroz, Alexa Zuart, Alexis de Anda, Chaparro Salazar, Karla Camacho, Mau Nieto and Show Platanito.

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