Gallimard buys prestigious editions of Minuit

It’s a major blow to Antoine Gallimard, president of the Third French Publishing Group: convincing Marguerite Duras publisher or Nobel Prize for Literature Samuel Beckett to join him. Irene Lyndon, President of Editions de Minuit, and Antoine Gallimard, President of Madrigall, sign an agreement ensuring the approval of the Editions de Minuit in Madrigall on January 1, 2022.The two companies announced in a joint statement Wednesday.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Operation ended Midnight Independence, which was founded in a bunker in 1941 and has been controlled by the Lyndon family since 1948.

Midnight has begun the silence of the sea From Vercors Resistance. Jerome Lyndon took the lead while this small structure was struggling with financial problems. He was then one of the greatest publishers in the history of French literature: the first Samuel Beckett (Molloy, 1958), the Irishman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961, the New Roman Prize (erasers Alain Robbe-Grillet in 1953), Claude Simon, Nobel Prize in 1985, or Marguerite Duras, one of the greatest successes of the Prix Goncourt (lover, 1984).

I appreciate your efforts and your taste. Sometimes I envy you for being free and knowing how to be‘, written in 1959 by Gaston Gallimard, grandfather of Antoine Gallimard, to Jerome Lyndon, the two publications reported in their press release.. “As I grew older, I had to think about the future of the house, its collaborators, its authors (…) so it was only natural that I turned to Antoine Gallimard, whose catalog and libraries are a model for the profession and which for several years, through the CDE-Sodis intermediary, was ensuring our distribution We distribute to booksellers.Erin Lyndon, 72, explained.

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The acquisition resulted in the arrival of Thomas Simonet, group director at Gallimard, as Minuit’s managing editor. for him “It seems to me that the talent is suitable for the authors of the catalog but certainly also for the authors still unknown who can join the house, giving it a new breath‘ said Erin Lyndon.

Antoine Gallimard, as is customary in the profession, promised to preserve the editorial independence of his new subsidiary. “We will endeavor to revive the Minuit catalog with continued intent. We will ensure that his special association with the library is preservedHe said. A brilliant negotiator, always on the lookout, was able to lure Flammarion into the fold, which he bought in 2012 from Italian RCS Mediagroup. He has also assumed control of POL in 2003. Madrigall owns homes such as Denoël, Mercure de France, J’ai lu, La Table Ronde and in the comic strip Casterman and Futuropolis, among others.

Antoine Gallimard greets MinoyAuthors and catalog of literature of exceptional quality, creativity still in the works, and a lively and independent house that has managed to preserve the best of literal publishing while being open to renovating the library and readers“.

Today, its principal authors are called Laurent Mauvignier, Tangwi LiveL, Jean Equinos, Eric Chevelard or Jean-Philippe Toussaint. The star of French letters, Marie Ndiaye, discovered by Minuit, has been with Madrigal since 2005.


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