On Tuesday, employees of the historic PSA Vélizy site rallied against moving to the futuristic green campus in Poissy. 2,500 people will be forced to leave Velizy Villakoplay by 2004.

How many commute hours will it soon take to get to work? On Tuesday, employees of the auto giant Stellantis’ Vélizy-Villacoublay site in Yveline rallied to express their concerns about the project to regroup teams in Ile-de-France.

At the Federation’s invitation, they were “Between 1300 and 1500” To meet at lunch break for two hours in front of the site cafeteria and have “block the main road” The site, according to Hervé Hottois, was elected CFDT for the site of PSA Vélizy. Stellantis management, for its part, provokes the efficient mobilization of 250 people, with other employees attending the cafeteria for lunch.

Vélizy, which currently hosts more than 4,000 employees in the group, should see relocation of more than 2,500 people by 2024 in “Campus Green” Built in Poissy, as per management. The Vélizy website will continue, but in file form “Creativity Center”, smaller.

This assembly project, its name “ALTO” Related to research and development, higher education and testing teams. The latter will be transferred to Poissy, which worries unions who fear long-term job losses. “Our big fear is that in this step, not everyone will follow.”, explains Hervey Houta. “Transportation hours will double or triple”, warns.

This can result in a file “Outsourcing in Low Cost Countries”He also points out, citing the center Moroccan technical center PSA Group in Morocco.

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Threats refuted by the administration, which guarantees the merger project It does not involve any job cancellation. And who says he is listening to the issues raised by the change of location. Bruno Bertin, Director of Human Resources for Stellantis France, was present at the Vélizy site during the day for “Reassures” employees.

Unions are now awaiting assurances from management as well as the results of a study conducted by inter-union company Secafi which aims to assess the consequences of this move and develop a list of appropriate support measures.

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