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Dyson Friday introduced a new virtual store where consumers can consult and test the brand’s products using its viewers Virtual Reality (VR) And that it uses the same techniques that its engineers use in their laboratories.

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British brand Dyson has 318 stores Demo all over the world, including Spain, but now announced the new demo RV, which allows you to test, experiment and understand the operation of your products in a file Immersive, virtual and online environment.

“Many of our stores were closed during the COVID pandemic and we had to find an alternative way to bridge the gap between the ‘internet’ and the physical world and the traditional negative concept of ‘e-commerce’”Dyson’s Director of E-Commerce said, Sean NewmarchIn a previous interview with the press, he attended Europa Press.

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at present, Consumers will be able to experience the brand’s personal care products in virtual reality (Dyson Supersonic dryer, Airwrap styler, Corrale hair straightener), but other products will be added later this year, like the vacuum cleaner V15 كشف Detection Cordless air purifier.

The system used is self-reliant visualization and simulation technology Dyson engineers use them to prototype and test and develop new products and software in the lab.

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“Physics has an extraordinary level of fidelity” With items such as checking the temperature of heating the hair with the iron or dryer, as shown Mike Aldred, chief robotics engineer at Dyson, who noted enabling these technologies Accelerate your product development.

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“Whether it’s a hair dryer or a hairdresser, we want to make sure the virtual experience feels like the real world.”recoil Aldred During the previous meeting with the press.

Among these products developed with the help of virtual reality is the Dyson project for Make your own battery-powered electric car, that the company has been developing for years and that It was canceled when it already had a working prototype Because it was not commercially viable.

The brand wants its customers to be able to access its products through virtual reality. (Photo: Pixabay)

Through the virtual reality store, Dyson appears New online events streamed on your website, live and comprehensive video demos Provided by Dyson experts to help consumers choose the technology for their needs.

“We have taken advantage of powerful virtual reality for Designing new products in our laboratories for many years And now we apply it to Reinventing the way people discover more about our products, has been explained James DysonDyson founder and chief engineer.

Dyson Virtual Reality Demo is the first virtual store of its kind available to my viewers skylight Who is this Friday 19 November. The Virtual reality experience It will be updated regularly and will improve over time.

This first stage already includes, in addition to the product demo, an option Review and know the operation of each component of the productsAnd Test devices in the context of the user’s home and buy products by default.

What Dyson is showing could become a trend for other brands in the future.  (Photo: Dyson)
What Dyson is showing could become a trend for other brands in the future. (Photo: Dyson)

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