This Tuesday, June 16, Carrefour Group announced Take a new step in its digital strategy. The giant reviews its data and media initiatives for retail and launches a new platform, Carrefour links. Aimed at the group’s partner companies, Carrefour Links aims to provide customers with more personalized and relevant experiences, both in-store and online.

Customer Journey Analysis
This platform is part of the group’s strategic plan announced in 2018.Enable Carrefour’s industrial partners to gain in-depth knowledge of customer expectations”, explains the company. Through a partnership with Criteo, Google and LiveRamp, the Carrefour Group hopes to continue growing its activities, which have been boosted since the pandemic.

By relying on the technology of its three partners, Carrefour co-developed a tool that allows group partners to “Achieve over 10% revenue growthCarrefour Links uses artificial intelligence to measure customer behavior, report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and suggest predictive demand models. In exchange for data, the customer can thus benefit from personalized navigation with targeted advertising.

Data management and organization
Customers still have to agree to share their data. Carrefour indicated that it has created a Content Management Platform (CMP) to monitor and authenticate customer approvals. In relation to cookies, the Carrefour website and the application business”According to the recommendations of CNILIt refers to the group. It must be said that the commission slapped the giant’s fingers in the past.

In 2020, Carrefour France and Carrefour Bank were fined 3 million euros for violating the GDPR. The two group entities did not adequately highlight information about membership programs and did not comply with cookie regulations.

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The group now reports that it is compliant and continues to accelerate its digitization. With the Carrefour 2022 plan, the giant has prioritized technology and data, spending 2.8 billion in digital investments over 5 years. Carrefour has built a data lake in Europe, recruited hundreds of data scientists and migrated 25% of its applications to the cloud. Ultimately, the company aims to move 100% to the cloud with a ambition to reach 50% by 2022.


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