Xavier Iochum, l'avocat de l'association de médecine du travail Agestra en Moselle

The Association of Occupational Medicine in Moselle is calling for greater equality between companies to drive the contributions of occupational medicine throughout France. According to Agestra, some companies with a lot of part-time employees pay less than others with fewer but full-time employees. The Constitutional Council will discuss this issue in the coming weeks. I just sent him a priority question regarding constitutionality This month of June, after a ruling from the Court of Cassation (which received the QPC from the Thionville Court).

A full-time account, not the number of employees

The Moselle Occupational Medicine Association was the parent of the QNPC because it wanted companies to pay according to number of employees rather than full-time, but the fast-food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken in Mondelange, near Thionville, refuses to do so. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken, some companies pay fewer contributions than others when they have more employees. Because the calculation is done full time and not according to the number of employees.

The issue we are raising is attempts to restore equality between employers

This is The jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation was challenged by the Occupational Medicine Association in Australia in Moselle. His attorney, I, Xavier Iochum: “The problem we are posing is trying to restore equality between employers, contributions are no longer called full-time equivalent but employee-by-employee, since services are exactly the same, we don’t screen half the employee“.

The health of exposed workers and the follow-up involved is a major issue

The current situation favors companies with a lot of part-time work, Like a fast food chain. The KFC of Mondelange therefore refuses to agree to the Occupational Medicine Association’s request because it would cost him more. But this is detrimental to the health of the employees, particularly due to the health crisis weakened by the health crisis, as Lee Yuchum believes:As we have seen during this period of Covid-19, the health of exposed workers and the follow-up involved in this is a major issue.“.

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The amounts involved are not insignificant; Occupational health contributions generally represent significant costs to companies. At the request of France Bleu Lorraine, Kentucky Fried Chicken will speak only after the decision of the Constitutional Council.


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