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Mario Casas He’s living a summer full of love that Shawn Mendes didn’t last with his new song. The Spanish actor spends his vacation with Desiree Cordero. And while we might initially think it’s just a beautiful friendship, the kiss confirmed that their relationship is progressing and that they are a couple.

This week, the couple was seen eating in Madrid, according to what the media reported. Ten Minutes. There, the Seville actor and model were seen kissing each other. As expected, they were photographed de facto, confirming rumors about their seemingly weeks-old relationship.

Although the relationship could have started months ago, It was August 8 when Desiree was seen leaving the house owned by Mario Casas in Torriodones. On the same day, the two artists enjoyed a meal with the Casas siblings: Sheila and Daniel. They did it in a restaurant in the mountains. Come on, Mario has already introduced the family to the model.

In the images shared by Ten Minutes, we can see the complicity that exists between them. And of course the expected kiss between the two, which confirms their relationship. We couldn’t be happier for both of us!

In this way, Mario and Desiree become one of the surprise couples of the summer. Will they have any getaways ready to tackle this heat wave in the coming days?

Mario Casas was dating Belgian actress Deborah Francois, whom he met on set the practitioner From Netflix, until a few months ago when they decided to end their relationship.

Desiree Cordero: The well-known Miss Spain

Although Desiré is well known in the catwalk world, it is possible that part of the audience still does not know her. This is a young woman from Seville who won the title of Miss Spain in 2014 and represented our country in the Miss Universe 2015 contest.. Her beauty and charisma led her to stay at number 10, but her modeling career was just budding.

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The young woman worked with large companies such as Victoria’s Secret or starred on the covers of magazines such as L’Officiel. In addition, the young woman can be proud of having a whole community on her Instagram account, where she adds more than 266 thousand followers and followers. Nothing bad!

We can see in her account some of the things the model loves the most: from playing sports, especially yoga, to enjoying the beach.

As for his romantic relationships, the last boyfriend he knew is Argentine footballer Joaquin “Toco”. She also dated Frenchman Vicenzo Rinella and Alvaro Ruiz, son of soccer player Fernando Hierro.


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