Now they film the car like this.  Who can get away with it - Libero Quotidiano

to me Executive Decree (DD) 170/2022 The Ministry of Infrastructure (Mims) has announced that anyone will illegally enter the LTZ may be fined Through an automatic camera that focuses only on the front of the vehicle. to me sun 24 hours The latest detection variant adopted by Mims is Tech Ztl7 Movyon (formerly Autostrade Tech, a subsidiary of Autostrade per l’Italia). If so, they will be disqualified bikes And Motorcycles, which will get away with it because they only have a rear license plate. However, the anomaly is that the US Department of Defense will also mention these vehicles among the possible sanctions. The text stipulates restrictions on the use of the device in Forward mode. In this case, in theory, if useful tires appeared for tracking who is driving the car or the car itself, it would be possible to use the same camera placed at the entrance to the LTZ, even for those leaving it. Everything turned out though somewhat unstable. Another doubt raised by DD’s ad isNo prescriptions On the blackness of car drivers. On the contrary, a specific item, in agreement with the privacy guarantor. What he thinks Tech Ztl7 will be used in his country traditional mode. So what is the reason to install the front end version? Could it be the fact that it registers in some local administration when the contract is awarded? Doubt remains.

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