Vaccini, Von der Leyen:

The European Commission I reached an agreement with Pfizer To speed up the purchase of vaccines, with 50 million doses Delivered early in the second quarter, which will be distributed to European Union countries from April. The president said that Ursula von der LeyenAnd also announcing what is actually a final change in the buying path: “We will have to develop vaccines that adapt to New variantsAnd quickly and in sufficient quantities. With this in mind, we must concentration On proven techniques: vaccines a Rna Messenger (Come Pfizer e modernClear case. ”Actually, goodbye to viral vector compounds like AstraZeneca e Johnson & JohnsonNot only due to safety concerns, but due to numerous delays in deliveries. In fact, Von der Leyen wanted to thank BioNTech / Pfizer who “has proven to be Trusted partner, Delivered on schedule, responds to Our needs“.

The good news is that Speed ​​up vaccinationsAs of yesterday, member states received 126 million doses. I am excited to announce that today we have reached 100 million vaccines administered, which is a milestone we should be proud of. Of those 100 million, more than a quarter Second dosesSaid von der Leyen, who then announced the deal with Pfizer for To speed up Vaccine delivery: 50 million doses “originally planned.” Fourth Quarter 2021, It will now be available in SecondThis brings Pfizer-BioNTech’s total deliveries to 250 million doses In the second quarter. These doses will be distributed Professional share With regard to population, for all member states, ”emphasized von der Leyen.Italy Expected to receive approx 24 million doses of Pfizer By June, you should exceed the quota at this point 30 million.

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We are now in negotiations with Pfizer for a A third decade“To supply vaccines” which provides for delivery 1.8 billion doses In that period From 2021 to 2023Then the head of the commission announced, specifying that the agreement “will mean that it is not only the Produce Vaccines, but also Basic ingredients, BasedEuropean UnionConfirmation that Europe will focus on vaccines developed with messenger RNA technology: Currently there are two types approved by EMA, Pfizer and Moderna, but by June permission could also reach the compound Corevac, In turn the mRna vaccine.

“In the medium term, it is Clear in order to Defeat the virus We will have to be prepared for the fact that we may need this at some point Remember To strengthen and Prolonging immunity. If one will show up alternativeWe’ll need to develop vaccines Appropriate To it and its quantity right on time And enough, ”von der Leyen commented. Hence his call to focus on vaccines that have not yet created problems from a safety point of view, but also indirectly on those companies that, after the initial obstacles, have so far respected the commitments agreed upon with Brussels. – von der Leyen concluded – he goes to Immediate benefit A citizen of the European Union. “


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