Stung Sophie Marceau: Her Complicated Answer About Vaccination

Before being brought back to Croisette, Sophie Marceau gave a long interview to JDD. The actress did not want to answer a question about vaccination …

Sophie Marceau deals with controversy. A few months ago, the actress sparked a real protest by defending the documentary Hold Up, a film defending the global conspiracy thesis aimed at the coronavirus pandemic. “They call us useless…”, wrote on her Instagram account before sharing a link to this insulting report. Before her return on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in a few days, she uttered her words in the columns of the Journal du dimanche on July 4. “I don’t regret talking about it, Sophie Marceau explains. We have the right to believe that of all the major authorities or pharmaceutical companies that lead the world, some are more profit-oriented. Fortunately, not all of them are.

In the rest of the interview, Sophie Marceau did not want to reveal whether or not she had been vaccinated against Covid-19.. “It’s a very funny and personal question,” The actress began to be moved by this question. And she went on to say, as she said, “Each one must do in his own soul and conscience” : “I am not against vaccinations and there is no doubt about putting others at risk. I just think that in France we tend to take a lot of medicine. It would have been better if we taught people to take care of themselves normally and eat healthy food. So we will not know whether Sophie Marceau received the vaccination or not … To our colleagues, she also explained the reason for her disappearance from social networks for several months:“I quit a bit on the whole thing, she admitted. Instagram is a great medium.”

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Sophie Marceau has a new and funny passion

“There is no medium, you cannot feel betrayed or misinterpreted. But the truth is that I drink wine to display myself, it is not my nature.Sophie Marceau continues. I love appreciation. I’ve been followed for so long by the paparazzi that I’m still not used to the show.” In recent months, in addition to finding film sets, the actress has found a new passion: heat therapy, a natural approach based on the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe curative effect of staying in the forests on various diseases. Last November, she was seen doing some stretching before hugging a tree trunk. A way to reconnect with nature, while even the best observers will note, she wasn’t wearing a mask on this outing.

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