Nicolas Bedos: a precious piece for his former throne Doria Teller in his home!

It is a story that will never leave their hearts. Nicolas Bedos Sure, he’s no longer with Doria Teller, but he won’t stop shaking and spinning and laughing with her. While he is now living a quiet life with his new partner Pauline Desmonts, who recently accompanied him on the Cannes International Film Festival red carpet, the director keeps, at home, a fond memory of his ex-wife. Here’s what the magazine’s reporters say she, who went to the director’s house for interrogation.

Whoever fights against political correctness, even if it means putting all social networks behind, is clearly developing at home.”Anything but bohemian“Clean and tidy.”Everything is organized as in a magazine for decoration, with flowers in vases, sheet music on the piano and books on the coffee table.We determine in the columns of the weekly magazine. In front of the wall, she started a set of collages with her ex-girlfriend, Doria Tellier.Unfinished work that undoubtedly brings back a smile to the director as soon as he sees it in the corner of the room.

They never gave way to hatred or resentment. It’s very simple, they are there for each other all the time. When Nicolas Bedos lost his father, Doria Teller mourned him. The mistress of the festivities at the 74th Cannes International Film Festival, she even allowed herself a cute little joke that made the whole audience laugh. Cinema, for sure, will always bring them together. And that’s good because Guy Bedos’ son is already back in service. his third movie, OSS 177: Red Alert in Black AfricaIt will be released on August 4, 2021 in France, but it’s already in the works MasqueradeIt is his fourth work near Nice with Isabelle Adjani, Francois Clouse, Marine Fact and Pierre Nene. “I work non-stop, and I always have the impression that I passed the bac“He admits. Perhaps it is time to finish this painting that began in the past with Doria…

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Find the interview with Nicolas Bedos in Elle magazine, No. 3945, dated July 30, 2021.


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