Vital repositories unauthorized by Vicente Fernández are opened smoothly

On Monday afternoon, before the broadcast of the first episode of the series on the life of Vicente Fernandez, Pablo Montero shared a photo of him being special To thank them for the opportunity to be a part of this project, and at the same time, ask for the support of their fans.

“I hope you enjoy this series we did with a lot of respect and a lot of heart, I know I have the blessing of Don Vicente Fernandez‘,” the singer wrote.

Pablo Montero in The Last King: The Son of the People

The last king: the son of the peopleproduced by John Osoriocaused an uproar among the public and angered the heirs of Vicente Fernández, who began a legal process through which they sought to stop the production, promotion and transmission of the story, arguing that they infringed the trademark and image rights of Charo from Huentitan.

In a statement issued one day before the premiere of the series and signed by him Donna Coquita Abarcathe singer’s widow, dismissed “The Story” as a tribute to Vicente Fernández and Televisa accused of stealing the translator’s photo.

Translator still alive The divine woman is here among us Signed a contract with the Colombian television station snail To be responsible for the development of the series that revolves around his life and will be broadcast before Netflix and agreed to choose Jaime Camille to explain it.


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