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singer Miley Cyrus 2022 started on the right foot and surrounded by loveWell, it looks like she has a new boyfriend. it’s about Max Morando, drummer for the rock band “Lily”, who was seen with him on more than one occasion. Here we tell you the details!

This news was released by E! As a source close to the actress confirmed to News, she is happy with the 23-year-old musician’s love.

“They’re happily dating. It’s official,” the post reads. “They are both artistic and creative, and they are united by being musicians,” the informant added to the said medium.

After this scoop was released, questions were about Who is the lucky one who stole Miley Cyrus’ heart? They did not stop. For that reason, we share some curious facts about the new celebrity conquest.

Who is Max Morando?

Max Morando is a 23-year-old man born in Los Angeles, who rose to fame after becoming Drummer for the American band The Regrettes. but nevertheless, In 2018, he joined Liily The Band It was there that he met the former Disney star.

Besides being a musician, Morando is also a designer, in September 2021, he collaborated with fellow designer Shane Castelli, creating a special appearance for the singer. Although this wasn’t the only surprise the drummer organized for him, they were recently spotted very smiling and holding hands after enjoying a romantic evening.

As expected, the news caused an uproar among fans of Miley Cyrus, who still hoped for reconciliation between the translator of “Plastic Hearts” and her now ex-husband, actor Liam Hemsworth.

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