Maxine crowns winner of

After 35 days of adventure and 13 weekly broadcasts, “Koh Lanta: Secret Weapons” tested its results Friday evening on TF 1. Of the 21 adventurers, only one remained and it was Maxine who won. A clear vote of nine to four was in favor of Lucy, who the former gymnast chose to accompany her to the final.

It all started with another particularly hot event. Maxine, Lucy, and Jonathan were the last three adventurers of Koh Lanta: Secret Weapons. The climbing coach fell two hours later and Lucy only lasted another eight minutes. Very strong on balance, so Maxine was the last logical one to stand still. The logical choice also would be to appoint Lucy as the final opponent, which is less popular than Jonathan. To the chagrin of many fans of the show, already disappointed with this version, who cheered on the 31-year-old boy.

Everyone is settling their accounts

Then the last tip was eventful. The adventurers were initially alarmed when they found out that Laure and Arnaud had been eliminated at the end of the orientation test. “Arno, you made me bigger, you two were my two favorites,” said Flavio, overwhelmed with emotion. He is also disappointed to see Jonathan take third place. “For me, it’s the cold bath, the fork that empties,” said baker Hervey, who wanted to be at least one of his former Reds finalists. And to once again express his displeasure with Laure and Maxine who took him out: “Eighteen years of my life they took away at the push of a button.”

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When she learned that Maxine had won the position, Laure burst into tears. “I repeated your name for two hours and eight minutes,” his companion assured him in return. Frederick, for his part, added a layer against the two young women which turned the settling of scores among all the former Reds. Mathieu attacked, Lucy, but still did not understand his turn against the yellow team, who was then overshadowed by Miriam. Shannis only praised the ride for the two finalists who did so well.

Video. Koh Lanta: “We had the nerve to shoot this season in full of Covid”

Then in Paris, live, the evening continued with an endless review of the entire adventure. A new tribute has been given to last season’s nominee Bertrand Kemal who died in September 2020 in the presence of his parents. A call for donations to cancer research was carried on display, with Denis Bruniart declaring that €802,000 had already been raised since last year in the name of the man nicknamed Becca.

Girl power!

We also learned, during a live broadcast from the host on Instagram right before the show, that Aurélien, the captain of the yellow pharmacy, will be one of the candidates for the next edition of “Ninja Warrior” that’s coming from to shoot in Cannes.

Finally, the count revealed nine votes for Maxine (Lore, Miriam, Mathieu, Thomas, Flavio, Vincent, Arnaud, Jonathan and Laetitia) and four votes for Lucy (Magalli, Frederic, Hervey and Chanes). By winning this “Koh-Lanta” show, Maxine earns €100,000 and extends the women’s recent dominance of the show. He is the fifth consecutive winner after Clemens, Maud, Nauel and Alexandra.

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