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In business since 1990, Hubble, the space telescope for NASA So far he has made a complete list of the great discoveries. Sad news, Hubble is currently going through a rough patch.

In fact, the telescope is currently experiencing a major failure. What hasn’t happened since 2009. It’s been going on for a few weeks. On top of that, finding the source of this failure took a long time for NASA experts, which didn’t help matters.

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But now things might be fine Harmful Since the last it seems put the finger above Wave from this failure.

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Hubble is out of service and finding its origin wasn’t so easy

As noted by NASA, Hubble’s current failure is the most severe this craft has ever experienced. Since June 13, 2021, according to the NASA team, this space observer has stopped working. At first, specialists believed that this anomaly was caused by a problem with the memory module, which led to the failure of the computer on the telescope.

But in reality, this was not the case at all. Therefore, until recently, experts tried to identify another reason for this failure in order to return Hubble to service. Paul Hertz, Director of Astrophysics at NASA, highlighted That this is not a trivial matter, considering that engineers do not have Hubble before their eyes.

Using a diagnostic method called the “fishbone” method, sorting the various possible factors in order of probability. Good news, NASA teams may have made it through Kick The cause of this problem, which lasted for three weeks.

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mother caution Security, NASA has no room for error

As the diagnostic work progresses, the list of causes of this failure becomes shorter. And although it will take some time, NASA experts remain fond of Attention to detail, a simple error can cause The end Instead of restarting Hubble.

Thus, according to recent information, this failure is related to neighboring systems linked to the computer responsible for managing data and power. Quite simply, it will therefore be a file current anxiety, related either to power or to matter.

But since troubleshooting in this section is really risky, one small mistake could end Hubble. Therefore, Paul Hertz does not put any pressure on the engineers, because it is not important to fix Hubble quickly, but only Restart.

So we’re waiting for news of this new development, with NASA engineers troubleshooting these days.


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