Twitter is already pausing approval requests

Twitter application on smartphone. – Matt Rourke / AP / SIPA

Twitter is taking a breather from its accreditation system, just days after making it official. Because ? Too many requests. The social network has failed to keep up with the onslaught of requests it receives through user-filled out form reports Lemon squeezer.

In a Twitter post on May 28, the US giant swears it will reopen orders soon. This should make it possible to respond to two problems on the part of the users. On the other hand, the certification of the account was gradually introduced, so that some did not have the opportunity to apply due to the lack of a form available to them. On the other hand, the last time Twitter “took a break” from account certification, it lasted nearly four years. In 2017, the social network authenticated the account of a white fanatic, which sparked controversy.

Incomplete system

according to Lemon squeezerFor other reasons, the implementation of this new certification was not the most successful. Some even got the blue badge to secure certification. But others, who met all the criteria for the award, were rejected without any justification.

In short, the blue “approved” badge proves the validity of the public interest account and the person behind it. Six categories of accounts are eligible: government; Companies, brands and organizations; Press organizations and journalists; entertainment; Sports and games; Activists, organizers and other influential personalities the edge.

It’s hard to decide when to reopen apps. “At the moment, while app acceptance is paused, the app’s access offering is also paused. Once apps are opened again, we will resume publishing access to the app’s process,” the social network explains in its blog.

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