What happened to Juliet, the academy's most controversial student?

Academy 2022 I started. we are in 20 years So first generation Where strangers showed their singing talent. Over time, many academics have passed without pain or glory, but others are still remembered and remain in the art world.

I’m sure the name rings the bell YahirAnd the Charles RiveraOr Euredia or Cynthia Rodriguez or Julietwho has become a trend again when compared to Rubí, the most famous fifteen year old in Mexico and the current reality show competitor.

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In 2005 we met an aspiring singer who had big fights cute lolita, but even though 17 years have passed, his name is still a symbol of rebellion. in De10.mx We tell you from her beginnings in music, to what became the most controversial contestant academy.

Juliet’s casting academy

Juliette Guadalupe Hernandez Navarrete Ghent Mexican love from Thalia and red sky Fleur Sylvester in the castings to enter academy. Always smiling, Jalisco, native to Guadalajara, conquered those who made the casting, and at the age of 21 she became another participant in the fourth generation of the program.

Juliet and her step academy

Thank you beautyRebellious character and light voice, he became the most presentable racer of the fourth generation academy.

Despite the fact that the show had other great voices that year such as Cynthia Rodriguez, Urordia and Erasmo Catarino, (the latter being the winner), no one caused more excitement than Juliet and her vigorous discussions with the iron judge, Lolita Cortes, who without explicitly asked The public is not voting for it anymore.

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What happened to Juliet next academy?

After deciding to leave academy Juliet moved away on her own from music and studied Communication Sciences at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) from 2006 to 2010. At the same time he started his career TV show hostan activity that has been carried out so far.

In 2013 he joined the program world and fame Beside Patti Navidad & Mauricio Clarke. of 2017 was part of Dancing for a dream And two years later he joined Hui, a production she left and where she recently returned with a section on beauty and fashion advice. Likewise, she was a driver take care of the cameraWith Eddie Smalls for several seasons.

Juliet, the Academy's most controversial contestant

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