Do you like red wine? Do you like Oreos? Then you will probably love red wine with an Oreo flavor. The New York Post Barefoot Wine, one of America’s favorite wine brands, will be launching a limited edition package on December 9 that includes two bottles of red wine and one can of Oreo Thins. Until then, there is no reason to believe that red wine will leave anything to be desired. Except that it will have an Oreo flavor, understand that there is chocolate in the wine.

Sometimes the wine has a little bit of chocolate in it but you’re not sure Oreo goes well with a red wine. Barefoot Wine says their new wine will feature “chocolate, biscuit, and cream” flavors that will complement hints of “oak, blackberry, and black cherry.” A mix of hell might make you wonder if he won’t come close to indigestion after two or three drinks. *And that’s even if accompanied by the finest Oreo cookies in the range “Everyone knows red wine pairs well with chocolate, but Oreo Thins and America’s most famous wine, Barefoot Wine, work together to convey the mix,” said Kransmann, who is responsible for the Oreo Thins brand. The classic takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness. In a press release carried by the American press. Concretely, red wine has not been mixed with Oreo cookies, but it will taste a little like it.

A package of two bottles of red wine and a box of Oreo Thins muffins will be available in a limited edition for €25 from December 9.

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*Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health

A 2-pack of Barefoot Wine and a Pack of Oreo Thins are available in the US for $24.99. © Barefoot wine


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