Bayern took a 9-point lead against Wolfsburg

Switzerland will inhale the Iberian scent in the next group stage of the League of Nations. It will be against Spain and Portugal in the group with the Czech Republic.

In this third edition, the neon draw by Robert Pierce and Kaiska Mendita, Murad Yakin will play four matches in June and the other two in September 2022. He hopes to enjoy the same joy when he beat Belgium in Portugal in 2018 to reach the final fourth.

It is worth noting that in 2020, the team led by Vladimir Petkovich had to retain in Group A only by a decision taken on the green carpet after the first five matches without a win.

Relative sports issue

The role of the game, as far as we know, is all relative. Portugal and France, who won the first two editions, fully understood that the weight of the Nations League coronation ceremony weighed far less than the Euro title.

Also, this new tournament offers a review for teams that do not qualify directly for the Euro 2024 stage. But with 32 people eligible, one would doubt, without testifying to any assumptions, that Switzerland would need such a lifeline. June 2024 in Germany.

These six group stage matches will give Murad Yak a golden opportunity to prepare for the World Cup to be held in Qatar. After shining brightly in the final meetings against Italy and Bulgaria, he will face impressive coaching selections with a young guard simulated by Nova Okafor and Ruben Vargas who did not hesitate to move up the stairs.

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Belois said nothing is always written in stone and the performance factor will be paramount. With Murad Yakin, there is really no bonus for exits.

Should be avenged against La Rose

Against Spain, Switzerland will definitely take revenge. Jan Sommer and his team will never forget La Roja blocking his way into a penalty shootout loss to St. Petersburg in the Euros this summer.

As for Portugal, it is not yet clear whether this group stage of the Nations League will mark the beginning of a new era or whether the team will always be Ronaldo’s. It all depends on the outcome of the World Cup play-offs between Portugal, Turkey and Italy.

Finally, Switzerland has not met the Czech Republic – which will not see Qatar after being defeated by Belgium and Wales – since the opening match of Euro 2008 in Basel. On June 7, 2008, Switzerland’s Kobe Cohn not only lost 1-0, but came out with more illusions than Alex Free, who was ruled out with an injury.

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