Shock in France, an entire family was killed by Covid within 6 days - foreign
The village of Corcelle sus Chatenoy

Courcelles-sous-Châtenoi (France) – Tragedy in the French village di Courcelles-sous-Châtenois, in the east of the country, where whole family He was annihilated by covid in a aaaaa All three members of the Py family They are not vaccinated.

Dominic B, 48 years old, The son of an elderly couple, returned to the family home after parting By his wife, he was found He died in his bed Sunday 14 November. Notice the firefighters called by parents They no longer see him leave his room. The next day is Ma diedDrNS, 82, was hospitalized for Covid in the hospital. The the husbandRobert B, five days later, also on Saturday 20 November To the hospital Nevechato neighbourhood. He was 89 years old.

The mayor Michel Hemblow of Courcelles-sous-Châtenoi explained that the family was hardly seen across the country. I Py They lived a lot among themat home so They feel protected of the virus and have not been vaccinated.

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