Maza and James Webb: Maybe we can discover a planet with life

On July 12, NASA will reveal “the deepest image of our universe ever taken.”

It was December 25, 2021 when it was James Webb TelescopeA real time machine that can rewrite the history of our universe.

Currently, Next July 12It will be a historic day, when the deepest image captured by this telescope will be revealed.

This was confirmed by a NASA officialBill Nelson. At that day , The deepest picture of our universe ever taken (…) If you think about it, it is the furthest thing mankind has ever seen.”

James Webb’s time machine is a Chilean astronomer’s point of interest. Joseph Mazza.

First Agency – Jose Maza

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“We can detect the birth of stars, the birth of planets, and Maybe we can even discover a planet with life Or with the possibility of life”, assures the professor at the University of Chile, in a special presentation exclusive to

In the words of the scientist, James Webb launched into space six months ago, the most expensive telescope in the world, since then The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) invested nearly $20 billion to build it.

“All the telescopes in the world are time machines, because they allow us to see the sun when we see it set at sunset (…) James Webb what he does is he detects infrared rays. Electromagnetic radiation beyond red, because protostars, first stars have a redshift so that the light emitted from them can be seen in the infrared. Even the telescope is covered with a gold film because infrared rays are better reflected off a gold surface than aluminum, which is typical for ground-based telescopes. “

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– In contemporary times, astronomers have made important achievements. One of them was the launch of the James Webb Telescope, which many have called “like a time machine sent into space. What is its significance and what can it reveal to us?”

“We will be able to see the formation of stars; the formation of planets around stars and we can see some properties of planets around some stars that allow us to distinguish Whether or not there are conditions for life on one of those planets.

This telescope first sees the oldest structures in the universe, but may also shed light on the formation of stars and the formation of nearby planets and planets if they have atmospheres, If they have an atmosphere compatible with the formation of life”concludes an astrophysicist.

We must remember that, On July 12, NASA will reveal “the deepest image of our universe ever taken.” One of the most awaited advertisements in astronomy.

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