PHOTO Emilie Nef Naf in a relationship with Sufyan, her tender statement to formalize their relationship

After several weeks of rumors, Sofiane and Emily Nef Naf revealed their love in broad daylight. If the singer formalized his relationship a week ago on his Instagram account, then it’s the influencer’s turn to declare her cherished and tender love.

Here is a pair surprised more than one! Emily Naf Naf and Sofiane formalized their relationship a week ago already. Former student of star Academy An image in which we see the two lovers kissing tenderly, accompanied by this text full of love: “Against the wind and the tides… Because we really deserve… Love is neither logical nor reasonable… Just clarity… intuitionA beautiful statement that tells us a lot about the feelings of Nabila’s ex-lover.

If their relationship is very recent, Sufyan, who we discover in the fourth season of star Academy He befriended Gregory Lemarshall, and Emily Neff Knaff, winner Secret story 3And They have known each other for a few years. This is what the singer said on the show She Jordan : We actually fell in love a few years agoBut it wasn’t the right timing. We met and then she built her life up, became a mother and went to live abroad.

Emily Neff Knaff: ‘After 11 years’

If only Sofiane had posted a picture of both on her social networks at the moment, it has now been taken of Mala and Minzo’s mother who in turn announced employment A torch for those who share their life now. In a heart-stopping shot where we see the couple kissing, Emily Neff Knaff begins her caption with,11 years later“Before continuing the same text as Sofiane to symbolize their union. A photo that some of her influential friends like Cindy Baum, Stephanie Clairbois or Maeva Martinez commented on.

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