Ludwig Hofmaier is out:

Exit Ludwig Hofmeier
“Bares für Rares” loses a cult dealer

People bring some scrap with them, appreciate it and then sell it (or not). This is how simple the concept of the ZDF “Bares for Rares” program, which has long since developed into a successful format. Now, however, one of the show’s veterans says farewell to their farewell.

When “Bares für Rares” began broadcasting on ZDF in 2013, no one likely expected how successful this junk program would be with presenter Horst Lichter. But the format quickly became a crowd favorite despite or perhaps because of its simple concept.

There are now over 1,000 episodes of the show in eight seasons. And not only that, various branches have proven themselves in the meantime, including full-fledged shows, “celebrity duel” or “distributor duel”.

Speaking of merchants: Meanwhile, about twenty different people sat at the desk to strike one or another deal with the people offering rare sums of money in the show. However, the original cast consisted of these five people: Sandra Vanessa Schaeffer, Fabian Kahl, Walter Lehnerts, Wolfgang Borich and Ludwig Hofmeyer.

In the hands as much as Rome

The rural Hofmaier in particular was the face of show in the early days. After all, “Lucki” based in Regensburg is a true Bavarian original. And not just since he appeared in “Bares für Rares”. The story of him standing on his hands to Rome, for example, is legendary. The former gymnast made a pilgrimage of more than 1,000 kilometers from Regensburg to the Pope in 1967 – and it was completely on his hands.

But those times were a long time ago. Hofmaier celebrates his 80th birthday in December. He had a stroke and a heart attack. That’s why Hoffmeyer has long announced that he will say goodbye to television in the future – but only after his contract expires in 2024.

due retirement

But now it has already happened. “Say goodbye as quietly as you say goodbye” is the famous saying – and so Hofmeyer has now turned his back on “Bares for Rares” very quietly and without any public announcement. As confirmed by ZDF, the last issue with the Regensburg dealer appeared on screens in June 2020.

A message from the broadcaster stated that “having already reduced his hours in recent years, Ludwig ‘Lucki’ Hofmeyer is now in his due ‘Bares für Rares’ retirement”, states in a message from the broadcaster. Mutual.” The pension is awarded to “Lucki”.

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