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Francesco Forgioni

The new dating app just for nationalists was born in France. It’s called “Droite au coeur,” a play on words between “straight to the heart” and right, and it’s increasingly popular among politically conservative people. Renamed “Tinder of the Nationals,” the right-wing sexting app aims to help users find a kindred spirit even in ideology. “Patriotism has never been so romantic,” reads the “Droite au coeur” slogan, along with a display card that reads: “Whether in a white suit or in a polo shirt for the weekend, as a couple or with the birth of a family, what matters is that we give you heart and values.” And a lot of happiness!”. With the promise to hold meetings from time to time under the slogan “peaceful and national relations”.

The authors of this innovative application, as the magazine writes, are Stephanie and Johan Bauer, two French YouTubers who launched last June 3 the new dating platform dedicated exclusively to right-wing reflective individuals. “Droite au coeur” presents itself as: “The premiere site for serious encounters, the impulse to respect and defend the country and its Christian roots”. To register, you must declare your race, marital status, and religious beliefs. Next, the essential choice to make an impression, the one that can determine success among the patriots: it is necessary to point out at least one preference among the leading politicians of the French Right or the Far Right. According to Charlie Hebdo, the initiative refers to an extremism driven by “concern about the birth rate”, an exploration of nationalist eroticism aimed at responding to the age-old problem of declining births. A controversial but certainly innovative gimmick from the conservative, “straight to the heart” new political dating app from France.

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