“Monsters beyond the bounds of decency”

Two presidents elected at the head of two great democracies, Georgia Meloni And Javier Miley Left-wing political scientists don't like them. This is the situation Marco Revelli Which in relation to Air that draws, going so far as to introduce them to the “new monsters”. At the center was the meeting between the Italian Prime Minister and the President of Argentina, which took place at Chigi Palace, where the two sides discussed “the common desire to strengthen bilateral relations, starting with economic cooperation in strategic sectors such as energy, infrastructure and agriculture.” .

The topics are clearly dissatisfying to Revelli, who goes so far as to speak of Melone and Millie in these terms: “They are figures who, compared to the political image of the twentieth century, Beyond the bounds of decency“. Does it end here? Not at all. In the episode of Tuesday 13 February on La7, Revelli also questioned their election: “If they have a consensus that they have a reason, they use democratic tools “to destroy democracies”. And from here more mud: “There is no doubt that there is corruption, excesses of rhetoric, and indecisiveness of the position of the political classes that preceded this third generation of populism that no longer provides the tools of popular participation but rather its own body and enormous ego.” Evidence again? According to him, “Trump and Millie.” In short, for the activist this is “a very worrying figure.”

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Nothing new from Revelli who, just a few weeks ago, despite international support, accused the Prime Minister of not being a great statesman, “she is very good at flipping an omelet.” According to him, Melonie is very good at this Incubation technology, in his saying when you get caught “But then you also…”. “Renzi was a hero in these operations, but this does not justify the immoral familialism with which Meloni and her inner circle manage the administration of power. The occupation is shameless.”

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Here is Revelli's speech about Meloni and Millie in L'Aria Che Tira

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