Earthquake then removal: This is what happened in Boz

The essential grandmother is the same: the brother’s decree Enzo Bianchi He was “expelled” from the community he founded and became a public. And since Bianchi is without doubt a pre-eminent figure in contemporary Catholicism, especially for and in circles considered progressive, the text grabbed the headlines and uproar. The narrative short circuit underlying this story relates to Bose’s own approach: organizational and pastoral styles do not seem very far from Bergoglio’s thought. This, at least, is the feeling of those who belong to the so-called “traditional front”. However, Brother Enzo Bianchi, the layman who Pope Francis should have created a cardinal (this was true according to some reconstructions later denied by facts) is no longer an ancestor to Bose.

We are left with Enzo Bianchi who somehow responded to the Holy See. Doubts, if any, were related to the causes or causes of the introduction of the Holy See. During these weeks, the wallpaper was wasted, some of which had to be taken with a grain of salt. From the “split” hypothesis – according to which some Bose members intended to abandon the current course of the past behind Bianchi, namely Luciano Manicardi, to pursue Bianchi on a new societal adventure – to the alleged isolation of Brother Bianchi they would live in the reality he founded. It may have become the date of removal the current, They say, because of the rumors that Bianchi wanted the CONCLUSION. It does not happen. That was another circumstance in which Pope Francis, according to Philgate, had to break into “another” doctrinal and conventional base, but this was not the case. So far, there is no ordinary person sitting on the cardinal’s council.

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This issue may have caused a stir, in short, because the “Bianchi model” should have represented, for various discussions and opinions, a kind of “recipe” for leading Catholicism to postmodernism, based on the connotations and approach of this Pope. True or not, the Vatican is known to have taken action. Which helps refute some of the simplifications. Francis has shown in more than one circumstance that he does not follow, but rather disavows, the current logic that belongs mostly to political news and not to The Catholic Church.

How many times, in these eight years, has the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires warned of religious or ecclesiastical divisions and divisions? We were talking about the decree and its reasons. As we read Editorial tomorrowIn the text we read that Brother Bianchi.He showed that he hadn’t really given up on the government. ” And again: S.I put – reads decree – Above the rule of society and the evangelical needs that it demands, the exercise of the moral authority of the individual in a world is inappropriate, disrespectful, and indecent towards the brothers of society, causing scandal. An earlier attempt was aimed at restoring peace and harmony through spiritual indications and moral preaching – marked – Unfortunately, it did not give the desired results. On the contrary, the situation has gradually worsened. ” From Vatican They were clear.

Many meditations can be done. The Pope’s disparagement is now apparent to those dealing with Leonin’s wall records. There is no ideological logic in the choices of Bergoglio, who was often amazed, when the Secretariat for Economics chose a consecrated person who should not even be appointed a bishop before the end of his office. Or just as the Archbishop of Paris preferred to appoint a true governor, like Monsignor Michel Aubetet. The situation of the Bose community is different but anyway it is about the quality, we can say the rating of “authority” practiced by the first Pope Jesuit From history and from the “town” of the Vatican. As writing, it appears Brother Bianchi hasn’t given up on Bose yet.

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