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With the collapse of the new Contagion Can you travel abroad and if so, what are the rules? And what happens to tourists coming to Italy? Meanwhile, for those planning a vacation outside the Alps, it’s worth giving a basic tip: invest a few minutes to connect to the State Department website ( which indicates exactly what is required for which country you want to visit. Here, however, you can read a small guide with many country-specific details:

Outer mask: the premise stops from July 5, but the date will depend on the number of people vaccinated

Travel, here are the rules

In short, the situation at the moment is as follows: travel in Europe This is allowed free of charge as long as you have taken a swab within the last 48 hours, it is recommended that those who have been vaccinated with the second dose or have been cured of Covid disease and have an ASL certificate, bring with them documents proving they are exempt from their Covid profile. From 1st of July green pass This facilitates travel within the European Union. To obtain the green certificate, simply contact the dedicated website at the following link:

On the European front, the only country that poses problems is there Great Britain Due to the strong prevalence of the delta variant: those returning from the UK must do a 5-day quarantine and clear it.

Stone – Returnees from some of the countries listed below must be in quarantine for at least 10 days: Rwanda, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand. When returning from these destinations, it is necessary to fill out a special self-certification, to obtain a certificate proving the negative result of the molecular or antigenic test, and you can reach your final destination in Italy only by a special vehicle (transit is allowed from the airport, without leaving the designated areas of the airport) .

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Prohibited Countries – There are also countries where it is forbidden to travel for tourism (but you can work) but you cannot return from them. It is located around: Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. The entry ban also applies to those who have stayed or transited through these countries in the 14 days prior to attempting to enter Italy.

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