The Champions League is live on TV today, live stream and live ticker

The second part of the fifth day of the Champions League! Liverpool FC host FC Porto in one of eight games today. Today SPOX explains to you how to follow the game directly on TV, live stream and live ticker.

FC Liverpool Vs. Watch FC Porto live – with DAZN subscription only!

For some the game is not important, for others it is all about. With twelve points from four games, J ஜூrgen Klopp’s team qualified for the knockout round early in the day. However, FC Porto finished second, still in full swing for the 16th round. Only one point separates the Portuguese from fourth-placed Atletico Madrid.

Despite these circumstances, there was no major change in the distribution of the characters. Even if “Globo” does not send his best team to the pitch, you still have to go to the game as a favorite. You saw it on the first leg; At that point, the Reds shot the Portuguese runner-up 5-1 from home. Already in the 66th minute, two of the best players, Mane and Salah, left the pitch. Firmino, who pitched instead, put an end to an unshakable victory with his brace within four minutes.

Incidentally, the game will be led by a panel of German referees led by Felix Squire. For Berlin, this is the fourth match of the current Champions League season.

Liverpool FC Vs. FC Porto, Broadcast: Champions League Live on TV Today, Live Stream and Live Ticker – Date, Kick-Off, Venue, Info

  • Competition: Champions League 21/22
  • Sports Day: 5th Match Day (Team Level)
  • Team: Group B
  • Date: Wednesday, November 24th
  • Kicking: 9 p.m.
  • Location: Anfield Stadium in Liverpool
  • Referee: Felix Square (Berlin)
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Liverpool FC Vs. FC Porto, broadcast: Champions League live on TV today, live stream and live ticker

As is common in the football business, instead of a single broadcaster, there are many. You can still track things, and we’re going to tell you who is responsible for broadcasting today on both the live stream and TV and television.

Liverpool FC Vs. FC Porto, Broadcast: Champions League live stream today

There will be a streaming service as well as previous Wednesday games in the Premier class DAZN Be the exclusive contact person for the re-broadcast. This applies to the individual game, but also to the conference with all the other games that take place that day.

The broadcast of the match is expected to take place a few minutes before the start of the match at 9pm. This single game commentator will be accompanied by Penny Zander, while Jockey Hebel will be at the microphone at the conference.

Access various streams from the live game provider DAZN To access, you need a subscription. There are two options: Monthly Model € 14.99 or Annual Model 149.99. Anyone who specializes in mental arithmetic may have already noticed: the post-subscription model saves € 29.98 in twelve months – one might say that you can do this way without two monthly payments. Here you can pick up your subscription directly.

Liverpool FC Vs. FC Porto, Broadcast: Champions League live on TV today

If you want to watch the game on TV, it is not so easy compared to the stream. The prerequisite for this is that your customer needs one Vodafone Giga TVs Or des Sky Sports Gallery With Sky-K There are. Two channels in both cases DAZN1 And DAZN2 Available as an add-on to the regular program.

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Here is how it works.

Liverpool FC vs FC Porto, Broadcast: Champions League Live on TV and Livestream Today – Broadcast at a Glance


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