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Girondins wanted to retain more linear performance from his men than he had in previous weeks this Saturday against the coaching chief. He wants to be confident in the future even if he fails (2-3)

What do you take from this meeting?

I see a lot of positives. This time we played for 90 minutes against an opponent who was not normally within our range. One very important thing is that after giving up goals, we continued our game and we did not give up. The first two goals came from the standard of their exceptional uniqueness. I tell myself that it was unfortunate that we took the third goal and there were still a few minutes to equalize. We tried to play our game and 17 shots show everything we could. In giving up the third goal, we took a little risk, but that too was a move that was not taken properly, due to uncertainty. The most important thing to me was that we didn’t give up after three goals. This is not easy for everyone. From what I have seen, I think we will see good things in the next matches.

Are you frustrated at the end?

I’m always frustrated if you lose. But we never meet teams like Paris. I, I always believed in it to the end and I used my strategy to the end. Although Mbappé and Neymar found themselves in a match against a team with a backlog, the players believed in it with more pressure in the second half.

In the same case

Why did you choose to rank Mensa in the top post after Pembroke?

We had the first half on one side and the second half on the other: we thought their speed could stop the opponent. All the players gave a lot. I try to get them to go to the border, and those who came in also brought good things.

What is your assessment of the volume of the four games that will end?

A positive result. We only lost this evening (two tracks against Nantes and Lorient and a win over Reims, editors note). We will still be eligible for a few more points, but the positive will happen if it continues. After a failed game, there will always be anxiety. But the team gave a lot and they have room for improvement. We make something good and compact. We should always give everything as we did tonight.


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