«Panziri could include other Italian deputies» – Corriere.it

Eva Kaili’s lawyer on Greek TV contra He also talks about “the Germans, the French and the Belgians”. Then he brakes: “I had nothing but a hypothesis.” Belgium abandons the request for the extradition of Panziri’s wife and daughter

From our correspondent
BRUSSELS – “They are only hypotheses, and I have no element of knowledge” about what he will announce Antonio Panziri to the Belgian judiciary.

Michalis Dimitracopoulos He seems almost surprised that what should have been in his intentions was a hypothetical, even sarcastic statement to a Greek TV that could be interpreted as anticipating the revelations made by the former Labor MEP and Article 1 prison in Brussels By involving Italian, German, French and Belgian MEPs.

The announcer gave an interview contrawhen asked about the countries of origin of political figures who could be involved in the investigation of the alleged Corruption in the European ParliamentOr the lawyer replied: «Italy and France, I don’t know if Greece too. It depends on how the judges use his statements. He is “now completely untrustworthy and all he cares about is saving his wife and daughter and whatever they give him he will sign”.

And in the same interview, according to what was reported by some news agencies, Dimitracopoulos added that “Messages and news arrive” and he It will make “new names for Italian, German, Belgian and French MEPs”.

call him Corriere della SeraHowever, the lawyer explains his statements in a completely different way. “I don’t want to be misunderstood: I said it Panziri is an unreliable witness And that in his attempt to save his wife, daughter, and himself, he will sign everything he is asked to sign. It can include Belgian, German, French, etc. political figures. everything is default, I don’t know what he will say».

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Banzi’s wife and daughter

On Tuesday evening, Panzeri’s lawyers revealed that the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office intends to abandon the extradition of Silvia Panzeri and Maria Dolores Colleoni, daughter and wife of the former MEP.

Panziri signed an agreement stipulating his cooperation with the Belgian judiciary, imprisonment for a year, a fine and confiscation of all assets acquired so far, about one million euros.

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