Soldiers fleeing by plane: Afghan military plane shot down over Uzbekistan

The soldiers flee by plane
An Afghan military pilot has been shot down in Uzbekistan

Dozens of Afghan soldiers fled the country in fear of the Taliban. To do this, they use military aircraft. One of them penetrated the airspace of Uzbekistan and was shot down by the army.

An Afghan military plane crashed Sunday evening while fleeing to Uzbekistan. “The military plane crossed the Uzbek border illegally. An investigation is underway,” Uzbek Defense Ministry spokesman Bakrom Zulfikarov told AFP. The Uzbek Ministry of Defense shot down the engine by air defense after a report by the Russian news agency RIA. The plane tried to penetrate Uzbek airspace. The pilot defended himself by the exit seat.

The machine crashed in the southern province of Surchondarjo on the border with Afghanistan. Two patients in Afghan military uniforms were admitted to his hospital in Surchondarjo on Sunday evening, according to Dr Bekbulat Okboje. Okbojiev said the two showed gaps. One of them jumped with a parachute. Three more indirect Afghan soldiers were brought to his hospital on Saturday.

In neighboring Afghanistan, the radical Islamic Taliban seized control of the capital, Kabul, and took control on Sunday. The Afghan government conceded defeat and President Ashraf Ghani fled abroad. Since the start of the Taliban offensive, Afghan factions have repeatedly tried to flee to neighboring Central Asian countries.

Germany, the United States and other Western states worked on Monday to expel their civilians and Afghan workers. The German Air Force sent several transport planes to Afghanistan to build air traffic between Kabul and the Uzbek capital, Tashkent. In Tashkent, civilian charter planes were to pick up the fliers and bring them to Germany.

Dozens of Afghan soldiers are currently trying to leave the country by plane. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tajikistan, several military engines with more than 100 soldiers landed in Boktar. The plane was allowed to enter their own airspace after sending an emergency signal, citing the Foreign Ministry in Tajikistan.

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