Wall Street flew after the Federal Reserve announced plans to raise rates to reduce inflation.

Despite the Federal Reserve (Fed) Tends to tighten its monetary policy slightly And withdrew support for the economy, with US investors making a positive first reading at the US Federal Reserve meeting.

Key indices were negative until 16.00, and they returned after the release of the Fed document, pushing the Nasdaq to close at 2.15% positive wheel. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is up 1.64% and the Dow Jones is up 1.08%.

The announcement by the central bank was a bit overwhelming Hawk Than expected“I promise Javier Timerman, AdCap partner and stockbroker with decades of Wall Street experience.

Now, why are the indices rising if the monetary rule is tight? “In the medium term, it is positive that the central bank will be tough on inflation because this is the first time in decades that there has been a risk of inflation, and it is good that the Federal Reserve is reacting and not coming behind the curve.“, Timerman explains.

For his part, even Argentina Diego Ferro, The head of the M2M capital fund on Wall Street, at a conference hosted by Fed President Jerome Powell Weeks, noted that more “hawk” status is expected. And he added:To me they are behind the curve. With the growth and inflation in the United States, they need to be more aggressive and stop injecting cash.“. And he highlighted:”At this point it is unreasonable“.

Meanwhile, Argentine broker Grupo summarizes SBS’s daily report: “The Federal Reserve has announced that it will double the pace of incentive withdrawals from $ 15 billion to $ 30 billion a month, leaving rates unchanged. With all of this, major Wall Street indices performed very positively and closed with an average increase of 1.8%.

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