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The United States does not have an explanation about UFOs, or rather about unknown weather phenomena. The expected report from the Pentagon and intelligence – reported by the American media – does not give final conclusions and, at the same time, does not rule out “space activity” that leaves the door open to new theories about extraterrestrials.
And 143 incidents have been recorded since 2004, out of 144, that remain unexplained. Of these, 21 can be traced back to experiments in Russia, China or other countries using hypersonic technology. There is no evidence that the recorded incidents relate to secret US military programs, unknown Russian or Chinese technology, or extraterrestrial visits.
But the report states that even in the absence of evidence, these are explanations that cannot be dismissed entirely.
The report, while inconclusive, marks the first time that the US government has publicly acknowledged the existence of such phenomena. Explaining the report and announcing the creation of an unidentified aerial database, Pentagon officials explained: “Of the 144 cases, there are no clear indications of a non-ground explanation to justify them, but we will go where the data will take us.” Phenomena and developing protocols for their reporting. This is with the aim of collecting more information and data that is currently missing which makes it difficult to draw conclusions.
The mere lack of conclusions opens the door to new theories among proponents of the existence of UFOs.

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