Angrily destroys everything

Report it NBC News Online, citing Dallas police, who intervened to arrest the vandal, later identified as 21-year-old Brian Hernandez.

The security video, according to the same source, shows Hernandez outside the main entrance to the museum with a metal chair in hand, and shortly thereafter, inside the house, he is seen walking from room to room, smashing shop windows and objects inside. Then he was seen smashing a showcase with a stool containing a Greek amphora dating back to 450 BC.

Not happy, he also destroyed a computer, a telephone, a monitor, and two wooden signs. Museum security responded immediately, and Dallas police immediately arrested the person.

“He was angry with his girlfriend, so he broke into (the museum) and started destroying ‘everything he could find,'” Hernandez told the Objects agent.

Commenting from the museum, “Although this incident devastated us, we are grateful that no one was hurt. The safety of our staff and visitors, along with the care and protection of art in our department, is our highest priority.” .

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