“It’s an attack.”  Now Vox is suing Sanchez in the Supreme Court

From the squares to the courts: the right-wing nationalist party in Spain Fox Presented before the Supreme Court A complaint Against the outgoing Prime Minister Pedro SanchezChairman of the Catalan Independence Party, Junts Per Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont. Referring to the agreement that stipulates apardon For Catalan politicians investigated and convicted for the 2017 secession attempt, which was offered in exchange for Juntes’ support for the Prime Minister’s stay in Moncloa.

Tomorrow and the day after, Sanchez will appear in El Cortes for A vote of confidence, an armored installation that will see the deployment of approximately 1,600 agents from the National Police and the Civil Guard in Madrid. The security apparatus will be among the largest ever established in the Spanish capital to protect a public event in recent years, surpassed only by the coronation of Felipe VI in June 2014 (almost 7,000 officers) and the Copa Libertadores match between Boca Juniors and River Plate. (2054 agents). The agreement sparked huge protests in every square in Spain, and clashes, sometimes violent, with the police also occurred.

The president announced the legal action to Vox Santiago AbascalWho confirmed that he reported Sanchez on charges of corruption, concealment, or cooperation with terrorismUsurpation of judicial functions and abuse of office. It is precisely because of this action that Abascal requested the suspension of the public session scheduled for the vote, and said he was confident the Supreme Court would use “All legal tools are available to him to stop Assault on the judiciary“At the same level of disagreement with Abiskal is the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Viejo“, hereby”The amnesty offered by the Socialist Workers’ Party to Congress is the Francoist Law: it is a democratic aberration, an attack on the rule of law, on the division of powers, and against the Constitution.“.

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On the eve of the parliamentary debate on confidence in Pedro Sánchez, Figo announces a battle everywhere, “On the streets but also in every judicial office“to stop something”It is unprecedented in the history of Spanish democracyAs for the possible reaction of the Union, according to Figo, it is inevitable that it will intervene: “The damage Sánchez has done to Spanish democracy is serious Harm to democracy European. The European Union cannot allow this. Here in Spain, coexistence is being damaged, and we are grappling with a reactionary coup against which we will do everything.“.


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