Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV releases delayed

Players will have to patiently endure their problems. Activision Blizzard announced a delivery delay for two of its flagship video games on Tuesday: Monitor 2 And Diablo IV. These are games from Blizzard studio, which Activision merged with after its 2008 acquisition of Vivendi Games from the Vivendi Group. The publisher hasn’t given a specific release date for either, but many were expecting it to be in 2022.

Released in 2016, Note and watch It is one of Activision Blizzard’s headlines. Its success has been so great that it led to the creation of a dedicated tournament, the Overwatch League, which is one of the most prominent examples of esports development. for Diablo, the first edition dating back to 1997, has been the subject of several editions. last iteration, Diablo II: Resurrectionreleased at the end of September (Diablo III It was already published in 2012), and is very popular on Twitch, the popular video platform for “players”.

There is no set date

On Tuesday, the group said it “looks like some of the (launched) content planned for next year[will benefit]from more development time to reach its full potential,” second-placed Danielle Allegri said of third-quarter earnings. conference call. If he did not give an appointment, the commander hinted that the exitMonitor 2 And Diablo IV It will not intervene before 2023.

Daniel Allegri attributed the delay to staff renewals, at the helm of Blizzard as well as within the creative teams responsible for game development. At the beginning of August, the president, J. Allen Brack, the company, a few days after a scandal broke out that exposed accusations of harassment and discrimination in the company. On Tuesday, the group further announced that Jane O’Neal, who replaced J. Allen Brack in August with Mike Ybarra, will also be leaving Blizzard.

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