When Sora was announced as the new and final character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we all thought this would be the end of Nintendo’s fighting game updates, but it wasn’t.

A new update was recently announced that will bring the game to version 13.0.1, and it will now be the last update that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will receive.

This new version of the game will bring character credits, which are not revealed but will make old iterations unplayable thanks to existing changes, so if you want to save some of these iterations feel free to save these before updating the game and you can’t see them again.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 13.0.1 coming soon! This update includes the final fighter modifications, which means that data replay from previous versions will not be supported. Convert your replays by entering Vault -> Replays -> Replay data -> Convert to video before update.

So far we’ll have the latest official updates for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and while we don’t know exactly when it will arrive, it certainly won’t happen this year. As soon as we have more news about the date, we will let you know.

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