Una postal de Marte: La NASA revela una impresionante panorámica de la superficie marciana

August 2012 search tool Rover Curiosity landed on Mars. Since then, the laboratory has been on wheels NASA She roams the Red Planet in search of evidence of a past life.

For the past few years, the 6-wheeled vehicle, about the size of an SUV, has been cruising through the soil of Mars and taking stunning pictures with its black and white navigation cameras.

One of his recent postcards stunned the expedition team, who benefited from creating an artistic interpretation of the rover’s view from above Monty Sharp On Mars.

unique postcard

The image, taken from Curiosity’s most recent viewpoint, inspired the team, “For the Beauty of Landscape,” to combine two versions of shots taken from different times of the day and add color to create a rare and one-of-a-kind postcard.

According to the information received from space agencyTo make it easier to send the images back to Earth, the lab keeps them in a low-quality compressed format. Nevertheless, the scene deserved the best quality navigation cameras could offer.

The colors in the image are not what the human eye sees, rather they represent the scene we see at different times of the day, morning and afternoon.

What can be seen in the picture?

On November 16, 2021, engineers ordered Curiosity to take two sets of mosaics, or photomontages. The team then combined the two scenes into an artistic recreation that incorporates elements from the scene. morning in blue, the scene evening in orange and one A mixture of both in green.

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At the far right of the panorama is the rugged area Mount Rafael Navarro, named after a scientist on the Curiosity team who died earlier this year.

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