according to weekly ChallengesGE and EDF have reached an agreement: the French group will buy the nuclear sector from the United States for 1.1 billion euros. The economic newspaper specifies that it is more than one.”matter of days“And that the sale should be formalized”By early February“.

On the site, the news is well received by employees and unions.

Pascal has been in the energy sector at the Belfort site for 32 years, and at the thought of it being taken over by the French group, he shrugs his shoulders and slips away:Anyway, our worst was selling to GE, so it couldn’t be worseAt his side, Hervey, also 32, has a smile:

If EDF can put us better, yeah, yeah, that’s fine! I guess we’re not going to lose, GE, we’re tired! The conditions we work in are tough, sometimes germinal! In terms of tools, this is all a disaster, so I hope EDF will bring us a better future.

Hervey also mentions Difficult social atmosphere with the American groupOn Thursday morning, employees voted to renew the closure of the entrances to the Belfortine site for at least 24 hours. The strikers are demanding a €1,000 bonus and a 3.5% salary increase. It was on Monday.

CGT delegate, Bruno Salute, explains that “We’ve been fighting them from the start. Since the capture [en 2014]All they did was lie to us, bullshit to us, so to us today It’s comfortThe unionist realizes that with a French group like EDF, Communication will be simpler than with the American groupwhere it is a littlewalking straight“.”I don’t know what the dialogue with EDF will be likeBruno Ballot admits, But we will see!

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Doubts about the scope of the acquisition

Christian Moginot, CFDT Representative, is waiting for the formalization of the sale and above all to know the exact scope of the EDF acquisition. What will this include within the nuclear sector? A unionist wonders, for example, which employees will remain at General Electric and which will become EDF.

So Christian Mugino appeals to the French group: “_Buy a circumference big enough to stand on its own_, that he can obtain remunerative services that can pay for the company’s operating costs in addition to everything related to research and development“.

Balfour Mayor Damien Meslow says to himself:suitable“For this redemptionEven if he is waiting to learn more about the ocean and asks for guarantees:

If only Arabelle steam turbines were produced, profitability would be difficult. On the other hand, if there is an integration, maintenance and commercial part, all this will make it possible to achieve good profitability. An unprofitable business is doomed to failure in the long run, so we want EDF to buy enough activities for GE’s nuclear business to be profitable in the long run.


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