The Ministry of Energy Transition works to withstand global crises

The Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, indicated, Friday in Rabat, that her ministry is looking into developing mechanisms to enhance resilience in the face of crises on the global arena, based on the experiences and recommendations of international organizations.

Ms. Benali explained, during a meeting with the media on the energy transition, that in order to reduce these fluctuations, the ministry plans to draw up a comprehensive reform plan that includes the economy and social support with clear long-term goals.

Emphasis will also be placed on developing a global communication strategy, based on data transparency, while energy efficiency programs are adopted in the logic of rationalization of consumption. In the same context, the ministry will be keen to support needy groups and economic activities in fragile situations.

In this regard, Mrs. Benali announced that her ministry is working to establish an “Energy Security Council” whose mission is to monitor the conditions of the national energy sector and take the necessary measures to confront the seizures. It will also aim to identify the materials that are likely to be included in the formation of the strategic stockpile, as well as the measures that must be taken to ensure national energy sovereignty.

Mrs. Benali laid out a list of challenges that must be overcome, and stressed the need to develop a local industrial fabric in the field of energy and to provide the necessary support for national skills in the areas of research and training.

In this context, she referred to the main objectives of the energy strategy adopted by Morocco, which are to ensure universal access to energy at competitive prices, to ensure adequate supply of energy sources, and to make every effort to protect the environment. .

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