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After a beta phase, season of mastery comes to World of Warcraft Classic. Find when WoW Classic Fresh is released below.

While Blizzard has just announced the arrival of Patch 9.2 on Shadowlands, the US publisher is also preparing to publish season of mastery (also called Classic Fresh) world of cans classic. Players will be able to resume the classic WoW Vanilla experience from Phase One.

Blizzard has announced that the WoW Classic Fresh release time will be Friday 12th November at 9pm (French time).

What time is WoW Classic Fresh released?

Season of Mastering World of Warcraft Classic will be available Friday 12 November 2021 at 9 pm (French time). Players will then be able to embark on a new adventure and discover, or start over, WoW Classic in Phase 1.

However, changes have been made to this new version of World of Warcraft Classic, mainly in terms of gaining experience. The release dates for the stage will also be rounded up so that all content is published (6 stages until Naxxramas) More than 12 months.

As a reminder, WoW Classic was released in 2019 and its six stages are published until December 2020. Currently players can venture into the second stage of the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic game.

So this season of mastery is the perfect opportunity to try out a new class, new faction, or simply rediscover the progression of World of Warcraft Vanilla.

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