The Bi-monthly challenges Always there for this season 7, despite the changes in the Battle Pass. Players are now getting used to it over time, and they are eagerly waiting on Thursday 4pm to discover these new challenges (except for the first week), which are very useful to them, as they can let them get back XP in order to advance in the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics , such as clothing, backpack accessories, and collection tools. One of these challenges will require you to Put the plastic ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach.

Where do you put the plastic ducks at Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach in Fortnite?

three plastic ducks To validate this challenge, it will be placed in three places quite far from each other, namely Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Beliver Beach, which will be difficult for you, especially since many other players will have the same goal as you. However, in order not to waste too much time, we show you the locations of these three areas where you will need to place a plastic duck.

  • retail row → It is located on the basketball court, in the northeast corner.
  • Pleasant Park → At the gas station.
  • Beliver Beach → In the pool (east side of town) next to the stairs.

L ‘plastic duck website More precisely on our map:

We note that plastic ducks They are marked, so you will need to identify them from a distance. When you are close to a plastic duck, simply press the indicated key to place it, as if by magic. Once all three are placed, either in one game or more, you will have validated the mission and will earn 30,000 Season XP in the process.

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